• This is a great example of one of the many new facilities Habco has built.

• This facility includes a GSI steel bin, ground pile, truck receiving, truck loadout, and rail loadout.

• A 20,000 bph GSI drag conveyor transfers grain from the truck receiving pit to a 20,000 bph GSI receiving leg. Grain is then diverted either into the steel bin, or onto a 20,000 bph enclosed belt conveyor that takes the grain to be discharged at the center of the ground pile.

• The steel bin on this site is a 105′ dia. GSI steel bin with a capacity of over 730,000 bushels. Depending on grain type, the ground pile diameter can be between 200′ and 250′.

• A 10,000 bph GSI drag conveyor under the bin transfers grain to both truck and rail loadout.

• The ground pile is emptied through the receiving drag into the unload drag.

• Rail loadout clearance is achieved with a HABCO hinged and telescoping electric rail loadout spout.

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