Grain Handling and Rail Loading/Unloading

  • Cornerstone Ag – Colby, KS - Upgrades include two new high speed truck receiving pits, grain scalping, and a new Zimmerman tower dryer. Several jump form concrete bins have been added to increase storage capacity. Bins varying in size from 185,000 bushels to 750,000 bushels add a total of nearly Read More
  • Gavilon Grain – Etter, TX - A jump form concrete bin has been added to increase permanent product storage along with shuttle train loading and unloading capability. Storage added- 420,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bin, fed by (2) 30,000 BPH drag conveyor with machinery catwalks and support tower. Read More
  • The Scoular Co. – Coolidge, KS - This project added 50,000 BPH shuttle train unloading and loadout capability, along with a 500,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete grain bin. On this project, HABCO, Inc. fabricated all spouting, platforms, diverters, stairs, etc. Read More
  • Frontier Ag – Goodland, KS - This is a new facility adding grain storage, drying and handling equipment with loadout capabilities. Features for this project include- 230,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bin with HABCO, Inc. Read More
  • Concordia Terminal – Concordia, KS - Several upgrades to this facility have been completed in the last ten years. We have added storage – both temporary and permanent – on four separate occasions. The first project also included an upgrade for high speed unit train loading capabilities. Read More
  • Farmway Coop – Belleville, KS - This project was a complete machinery upgrade. Equipment was removed and replaced, and additional equipment was added as needed. Read More
  • Gavilon Grain – Cozad, NE - This project was an equipment upgrade for grain receiving, rail loadout, and dust collection. This project was an equipment upgrade for this facility. Grain receiving, rail loadout, and dust collection were all upgraded. Read More

Concrete Storage

  • Cloud County Coop – Concordia, KS - There have been many upgrades to this facility over the past few years. Four jump form concrete bins have been added with truck loadout capabilities. A HABCO exclusive hinged rail loadout spout was also added to the existing elevator. Read More
  • WB Johnston – Shattuck, OK - Project added truck and rail unloading and loadout capability, in conjunction with (3) 550,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bins. (3) 550,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bins. Read More
  • Geary Grain– Junction City, KS - Project added one (1) additional jump form concrete tank with truck receiving & load out. This facility upgrade added additional storage in the form of a new jump form concrete tank. A truck receiving pit and truck load out was also added at this time. Read More
  • Gavilon Grain – Silica, KS - Project added over 450 thousand bushel of storage capacity with two (2) new jump form concrete tanks. This facility upgrade added two (2) new jump form concrete tanks to an existing facility. Over 450 thousand bushel of storage capacity was added in this upgrade. Read More

Steel Storage

  • Skyland Grain – Vilas, CO - New facility with steel bin and ground pile. This is a great example of one of the many new facilities Habco has built. This facility includes a GSI steel bin, ground pile, truck receiving, truck loadout, and rail loadout. Read More
  • CVA – Hampton, NE - Truck receiving to new steel grain storage bin and to existing flat storage. 15,000 bph truck dump pit, leg and upper distribution. Read More

Temporary Storage

  • CVA – Shelby, NE - Temporary storage has been added to this facility with a ground pile complete with 20,000 BPH fill and reclaim equipment. 1.5 million bushel capacity LeMar Industries Corp. ground pile with 20,000 BPH filling equipment. Read More
  • Gavilon Grain – Joice, IA - Upgrades to this facility include permanent and temporary storage- (2) new jump form concrete bins and (2) ground pile systems as well as modifications to the rail loadout system. Project features include- 3.4 and 2.5 million bushel capacity ground pile systems each with 20,000 BPH capacity enclosed belt conveyor filling and LeMar machinery bridge and support towers. Read More


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