• (4) New 102’ diameter X 120’ tall JF concrete storage bins with below ground tunnels were erected at the elevator facility in Concordia, KS by McPherson Concrete.

• Flush floor aeration system is included in each of the (4) bins rated at 1/10 CFM per bushel on corn, 1/13 CFM per bushel on milo.

• Grain is transferred to the new bin cluster by a Hi-Roller conveyor rated at 30,000 BPH, receiving grain from existing equipment. Each bin is filled by an Intersystems conveyor rated at 30,000 BPH.

• Grain is reclaimed with a Springland sweep auger in each of the four bins feeding Hi-Roller belt conveyors rated at 40,000 BPH.

• Gravity type truck load out spouts were installed on the side of each of the (4) 102’ diameter JF bins.

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