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Founded in 1992 by Joe Hodges and Tim Buyse, HABCO, Inc. has become one of the most well-known industrial contractors in the Midwest. Tim and Joe had a desire to provide customers with an outstanding product and great customer service. Over the years, we have evolved into a company with the capability to take on a wide variety of exciting projects while coming up with innovative solutions. Our objective is to give our customers the ability to achieve their production goals while meeting all of their expectations for quality, efficiency, durability, and safety.

HABCO has worked for over 75 different businesses, however the bulk of our contracts have been performed for less than 25 businesses. We averaged over 30 contract projects for each of those 25 or so businesses. Most of our work has been in Kansas and the surrounding states. At HABCO, Inc. we practice the “Quality Partnership” concept, with both our customers and our suppliers.

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